Executive Director

Kim Nguyen

Howdy! My name is Kim Nguyen, and I’m a Senior, Management major from Houston, Texas. This year I have the pleasure of serving as the Maroon Out 2022 Head Director. As a first-generation student coming in, I never imagined that I would find the home that I did at A&M. For the last 3 years, Maroon Out has provided me with memories to last a lifetime and skills that will help me in my future. Our membership empowered by the Aggie Spirit tirelessly puts on events that promote unity and “pass[in] it back” through the financial support for scholarships, promoting student organizations, and supporting traditions. Maroon Out allows former, future, and present students to gather in celebration and show the strength behind the 12th Man, truly a “spirit can ne’er be told.” I am so excited to see all the great things my team will accomplish this year. Join us on the Maroon Out 2022 journey! Invest in Us, Invest in Tradition.

Finance Director

Ana Spratte

Greetings! My name is Ana Spratte and I’m a Junior Management Information Systems major from McAllen, TX. This year I’m Maroon Out’s Finance Director and I aim to create opportunities through managing our funds! Although I came into A&M without any knowledge of traditions or football, I have found a home here through this wonderful group. Maroon Out brings out the best of Texas A&M University and I am proud to take part in it. I look forward to seeing what we can make happen this year!

Operations Director

Marcus Robles

Howdy! My name is Marcus Robles, I am a Senior Industrial and Systems Engineering major from McAllen, Texas. I am currently the Operations Director with Maroon Out, this is my second year as a Director and I am extremely fortunate to continue to work as a part of the team. MAROON OUT has been such a large part of my college experience introducing me to some of the most influential people while giving me experiences like no other. I hope to see Maroon Out be as successful as it possibly can and grow to more than it was when I first joined.

Public Relations Director

Asma-Maria El-Tayssoun

Howdy! My name is Asma-Maria El-Tayssoun, and I’m a Sophomore Kinesiology major with a Dance minor from Houston, Texas. This year I am the Maroon Out 2022 Public Relations Director. I have been lucky enough to find such an inclusive and diverse group of hard-working individuals during my first year of attending this university. This organization has already helped me grow on a personal level more than I could have ever imagined! I’m so excited for the 2022 season so make sure to join us for the ride!

Inventory Director

Jared Collinge

Howdy, I’m Jared Collinge, a GIS major from Everett, WA, and I am THE loudest and proudest member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2023. I currently serve as Maroon Out’s Inventory Director where I manage all of our merchandise! Working with Maroon Out allows me to help raise funds for and contribute to the traditions that make Texas A&M a unique university. Through streamlining Maroon Out’s inventory management, and forwarding one of Texas A&M’s largest student-run tradition, we can protect the spirit of the Aggie Family and provides a commonality that Aggies from all generations can gather and reminisce on.

Social Media Director

Celina Hernandez

Howdy! My name is Celina Hernandez and I am a Senior Sport Management Major from Luling, Texas. I have the privilege of serving as the Director of Social Media for Maroon Out 2022. I am excited to continue the tradition of Maroon Out, and uniting the Aggie spirit across Texas A&M. Maroon Out exemplifies what it means to be a part of the 12th man, being there for our team and each other. Every year we are able to provide financial support for class traditions such as Ring Dance and Pull-Out day, class gifts, and so much more. I look forward to this coming year and working with my fellow directors, and can’t wait for Maroon out 2022!

Membership Director

Samantha Brannen

Howdy! My name is Samantha Brannen and I am a Junior Biochemistry major with a Pre-Medicine minor from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. This year I am serving as the Logistics Director for Maroon Out. I joined Maroon Out my first semester at Texas A&M and I am so thankful that I did! I knew that A&M held value in traditions as an out-of-state student. Yet, it was not until I joined Maroon Out that I fully understood what these traditions meant to the university and to the community. Maroon Out has given me endless memories and helped me to grow in so many ways. I am so excited to continue to support traditions and the community while serving as this year’s Logistics Director for Maroon Out.