Maroon Out Logo

Maroon Out is excited to reveal our brand new logo!





"For Maroon Out 2016, the words 'Maroon Out' are no longer the focal point of the shirt. The director team has decided that the shirt should not be about Maroon Out as a program, but instead about what Maroon Out stands for," said 2016 Maroon Out Head Director, Jacob Audirsch. "The 'I Stand With The 12th Man' design for this year represents every Aggie's willingness to stand ready for any call to action this university, and the people committed to it, may need."


In addition to the brand new t-shirt design, which will be a little different than in years past, this year's Maroon Out director staff is also excited to announce a new direction that Maroon Out plans to go moving forward, including a brand new logo that the group will begin using.


"The purpose of the permanent logo is to create consistency for Maroon Out year to year. We want people to realize that this program is not something that just pops up close to the football game, but is a year round organization that works to continue the legacy of Maroon Out and puts the focus on the Aggie Ring for Veterans Fund, Maroon Out Endowment Scholarship, and other philanthropies that we support through shirt sales," said Audirsch.


Since 1998, the student-led Maroon Out committee has raised more than $1.5 million to fund class gifts and on-campus traditions like Elephant Walk and Ring Dance, and just last year, the committee contributed an additional $100,000 to an endowed scholarship fund. Because of their efforts, there are now four recipients of the Maroon Out Scholarship each year.


"We've learned a great deal from working with each other the past couple of years, and can't say enough about how much we enjoy watching these young student leaders tackle a project so massive," said Aggieland Outfitters Director of Marketing & Communications, Dallas Shipp. "The last two director staffs have been filled with the very best student leaders that Texas A&M has to offer and this year is no different. We can't wait to work on this together again."


Audirsch said that Class Councils is equally excited to be partnering with Aggieland Outfitters once again in 2016.


"The Maroon Out team is very excited to work with Aggieland Outfitters for the third year. They bring so much to the table as far as resources and marketing expertise for the Maroon Out team, and make it an excellent learning experience for the directors. They have done well for Maroon Out in years past, and have worked hard to make this year a success."


While this is the third year for the shirts to be sold off campus at Aggieland Outfitters, all proceeds from the shirt still go directly to the Maroon Out committee and Texas A&M Class Councils.