Maroon Out | History

Maroon Out was founded by Class of 2000 Junior President, Kyle Valentine in the summer of 1998. He was concerned about Texas A&M having to play the University of Nebraska at home during the Fall semester. Nebraska was a top ranked football program that year and their ardent fans showed up to every game wearing red in an effort to intimidate the other team. Kyle wanted to give the Aggies an extra boost of spirit by matching Nebraska‚Äôs sea of red with an even bigger sea of maroon. Maroon Out started that year at the Texas A&M/Nebraska game on October 10, 1998. That Maroon Out game led to a national shortage of maroon shirts after 31,000 shirts were sold for the game. Now, Class Councils sells over 45,000 each year. All proceeds from Maroon Out benefit Class Councils, the respective Class Gift Funds, Aggie Ring for Veterans Fund, and the Maroon Out Scholarship (distributed by Texas A&M).

Maroon Out has become a highly anticipated tradition that celebrates the unity of the Texas A&M Aggie Family. It is not just a t-shirt, it is the physical embodiment of the spirit of the 12th Man. 


Our Past Maroon Out games have been:

1998: A&M vs. Nebraska

1999: A&M vs. Texas

2000: A&M vs. Kansas State

2001: A&M vs. Notre Dame

2002: A&M vs. Oklahoma

2003: A&M vs. Texas

2004: A&M vs. Texas Tech

2005: A&M vs. Texas

2006: A&M vs. Nebraska

2007: A&M vs. Texas

2008: A&M vs. Oklahoma

2009: A&M vs. Texas

2010: A&M vs. Nebraska

2011: A&M vs. Texas

2012: A&M vs. LSU

2013: A&M vs. Auburn

2014: A&M vs Ole Miss

2015: A&M v Alabama 

2016: A&M v Tennessee